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#80 - What Goes Up... [Oct. 5th, 2007|09:30 am]
Kyrgalon Comic



     When deciding what to make for comic #80, I had essentially two options: continue the side-story of Dumbimus flying around, or get back to the main plot.  There were infinitely many ways to do either option, but ultimately two choices presented themselves to me.  I could either have Dumb confuse Eric with his flying so much that Eric's brain actually snaps and he goes comatose (leading to another side-story of snapping Eric back out of it), or beat the crap out of Dumbimus.  Eric's had more than his fair share of troubles so far, and in any case this story path fits better with the general scope of the comic, so there ya go.
     Bob doesn't ever use that shield for defense, does he?  He used it a total of four times for offense, almost using it a fifth, and James utilized it once in his trap.  The only time Bob actually attempted to use his shield for defense is in comic #31, where Ape Lad is flying toward the group after being shot from the cannon.  Even then, Ape never made it far enough to hurt anyone, so it can't count for much.  I imagine that later on the shield will be used for defense, but I have to wonder if that'll ever be its primary purpose.