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#82 - Totally Straight Priorities - Kyrgalon Comic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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#82 - Totally Straight Priorities [Oct. 27th, 2007|05:15 pm]
Kyrgalon Comic



     Normally when posting comics I have a bit of trouble thinking of an appropriate title.  Usually it's because I'm unable to think of anything appropriate and semi-witty.  Today, however, I was able to think of too many good titles.  For example, I could have used "James' Super Happy Face", highlighting his face in panels two and three.  Or I could have used "Not Angry At All", which would have fit in general, but left a little to be desired.  I also considered "That Seems a Little Drastic...", which would have worked fine, and almost made the cut.  In the end, I chose "Totally Straight Priorities" because it fits multiple panels and has the kind of sarcastic jab I was looking for.
     In other news, this storyline is almost over.  I was almost ready to conclude the storyline with this comic, but I feel that James' drastic measures deserve a bit of further investigation.  It'll also help set up for half of the next storyline's plot, and a small subplot besides.
     There is something seriously disturbing about James' Super Happy face...