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kyrgalon_comic's Journal

Kyrgalon Comic
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NEWS BULLETIN (updated 11/13/07)

1. As I did last semester, I am putting the comic on temporary hiatus until the end of my final exams (sometime in the second or third week of December). I may make an exception for a Thanksgiving Special, however at this point I'm not even sure I'll be making that.

2. The current storyline is now over (which is well-timed, seeing that I'm putting the comic on hiatus). The next storyline will begin with the next non-holiday comic, which will be posted sometime in early-mid December.



This comic is intended for two purposes, and two purposes only:

1. So I can have fun with a small hobby.
2. So I can entertain some friends (and anyone else who comes along).

Those are the only two reasons I have started and continue this sprite comic. If it accomplishes anything outside of those two objectives, then hey, bonus! But if that's all that happens, I'm fine with it.


Welcome to Kyrgalon Comic! I'm king_of_natar, and I wholeheartedly welcome you to view the insanity and stupidity inside.

This community, as you've probably already figured out, contains my comic strip. Due to the nature of this community I'm the only user who is able to make new posts, however anyone with a livejournal account is capable of commenting on my entries. In addition, if you have a livejournal account then you have the ability to vote in the occasional poll. Poll results are actually important in determining how the comic goes, so if by some chance you are reading the comic but don't have an lj account, you might want to consider getting one.

I don't really have an update schedule. I update as often as I want, whenever I want. As a general rule I will update at least once a week, however when the update(s) come and how many there are in a week are, for all intent and purpose, random. Historically I've had a tendency to update closer to the end of the week, but this is by no means a hard and fast rule. Currently I make most of my comics during slow times at work, so the more often I work in a week the more comics I will probably upload.

Current Storylines:

A. Introduction of the B+ Team and Eric: Comics #1-#14. Status: Complete. Link to first comic: http://community.livejournal.com/kyrgalon_comic/301.html#cutid1
B. Bad Ideas: Comics #15-#31. Status: Complete. Link to first comic: http://community.livejournal.com/kyrgalon_comic/4492.html#cutid1
C. TV Trouble: Comics #32-#62 Status: Complete. Link to first comic: http://community.livejournal.com/kyrgalon_comic/9009.html#cutid1
D. Holy (Eight) Bit: Comics #63-#82 Status: Complete. Link to first comic: http://community.livejournal.com/kyrgalon_comic/17038.html
E. The Grand Tour: Comics #84-(unknown) Status: Not yet begun. Will start in early-mid December.

Feel free to comment on my comics. Seriously, the only way to let me know how I'm doing is to actually tell me.